Policy Statement

Juno Corp is a service company with a total package in the fields of transportation of hazardous waste, industrial/domestic sewer cleaning and CCTV Pipe Inspection.

Juno Corp is aware that it derives its existence from its clients. Juno Corp will demonstrably work in a customer-oriented way. In doing so, our key points are:


Wishes and expectations of current and potential clients are decisive for the actions of the organisation.

Relevant processes are systematically determined, manageable and focused on optimally serving clients.

New technology is utilised to flexibly, efficiently and safely meet all the client’s wishes.

At all levels within the organisation there are constant improvements to respond best to external developments.

Staff members

Staff members are involved and inspired professionals who work together independently, securely and environmentally aware with colleages, clients and suppliers.

Juno Corp actively implements a policy to promote the health and well-being of staff members.

Society and Environment

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is in the interest of all of us. Juno Corp is aware of its responsibilities and takes into account the economic, societal, environmental and safety aspects when carrying out all its activities.


The continuity of the organisation is guaranteed and financial means are deliberately utilised to meet organisational objectives.

We consider it to be our minimum duty of care to:

  • Adhere to all applicable laws and regulations;
  • Adhere to the national and international standards as set;
  • Pursue an active policy focused on the prevention of accidents and personal injury and sickness of both own staff members as well as hired third parties, to prevent safety and environmental risks. Our aim is for zero accidents and zero environmental incicdents;
  • Prevent damage to properties;
  • Adequately respond to calamites in order to limit material and environmental damage;
  • Continually inform and train our staff members in order to increase their awareness of quality, safety and environmental issues.