CCTV pipeline inspections

Knowing the current condition of pipelines is essential for maintaining wastewater and storm water network systems. A range of sophisticated mini-, self-propelled and pan-and-tilt cameras are available for inspection of hard-to-reach areas. Our CCTV vans are characterised by their complete equipment. Two video monitors and a computer are installed in the operating and control room of our CCTV vans. We offer a comprehensive, technical and environmentally-friendly solution to pipeline inspections.

Our CCTV personnel are professionals who are informed, knowledgeable, experienced and compliant with the latest:

  • Safety requirements
  • Plant operational procedures
  • Hazardous materials handling methods
  • WRc MSCC4 requirements


  • ROVION® colour camera with autofocus, 120 x Zoom (10 x optical, 12 x digital) and shadowless LED-light provides for clear images
  • ROVVER®’s (Remote Operated Video Vehicle enhanced receiver) modular design reconfigures easily to answer any combination of pipe size, material and condition.
  • AGILIOS™ – pan&tilt push camera incorporates a coiler for 30, 60 or 90 m reinforced push cable, a new universal pendant controller VISIONCONTROL and the rugged PTP70 pan & tilt camera head.
  • Wincan V8 Software
  • Wincan Maps
  • Wincan GIS


  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integration
  • Profiling of pipelines
  • Project summary report
  • Pipe summary
  • Tabular report
  • Pipe graphic report
  • Colour inspection photos of all incidents
  • Pipe diameter summary
  • Manhole report with pictures
  • Cleaning report
  • Inclination report
  • Colour coded defect grade report
  • Scoring and grading of each pipe in accordance with the WRc SRM5