The last of our program which entailed the restructuring and rebranding of Jetvac South Africa has arrived, and that is the change of name. In the future and for the future, our company will be known as Juno Corp (Pty) Ltd.

How can we help you?

We'll work with you to meet your needs, using the safest method, while controlling costs and maintaining production schedules in the following areas:

Transportation of hazardous waste

The transport of dry and liquid substances, contaminated sludge and hazardous waste requires special precautionary measures. We have qualified drivers and an extensive, modern fleet that meets the strictest requirements. This means that we can also manage the transport of your hazardous substances, safely and sustainably. More »

Industrial/domestic drain cleaning

Our powerful and advanced technology can remove a wide variety of materials with differing viscosities and densities from water treatment ponds, basins, sewers and drains. Our trained crews are experts in sewer pipeline cleaning, hydro cleaning, mechanical bucketing, root cutting, jet/vacuuming, obstruction removal and water blasting. More »

Liquid and dry waste removal

Through extreme suction capability we are able to process the large quantities of sand, mud, fly ash, debris, sewer & liquid sludge, septic tank drainage etc. in a very short space of time. More »

CCTV pipeline inspections

Our CCTV vans are equipped with advanced measuring and video equipment, which we use to map out the situations below ground for you. Pan and tilt cameras centralised within the sewer, which can be used in sewer systems from 100mm to 800mm, clearly show the situation in the sewer. You receive the outcome of the video in a computerised investigative condition report produced both as a colour print out as well as in an electronic format. More »